Friday, March 13, 2009

No AHA! moment today

I'm sitting here at my keyboard waiting for inspiration to strike. I keep thinking I should have something worthwhile running around in my head. I mean, I've had my caffine (1 c per day-I can't quit it altogether), I've read the paper, I've watched "Good Morning America" and I am still at a bit of a loss. After seeing Diane Sawyer in Lapp land, I have to admit I'm glad I don't have to eat reindeer roasts, and jump naked into a frozen lake.

I did come to a startling revelation yesterday, however. "What might that be?" you ask. Well, upon actually reading the nutrition label on my popcorn box, I found that I was doubling the number of calories I was consuming by erring on the high side. BONUS!! That put me in a good mood for quite some time. Unfortunately, by the time I discovered this is was past my "consumption deadline", so I must wait until this afternoon to take advantage of my new found caloric bonus. Imagine that, actually UNDER calculating the number of calories. I think that just might be a first.

And, if anyone cares, Hubby Dearest knew there was spinach in the meatloaf and didn't care. Thought it was superfluous, but didn't complain. He said he just doesn't want to see a pile of green "goo" on his plate. Fair enough. I'll find ways to hide it, I can assure you.

I also spent time this morning plotting my Mexican "fiesta" tomorrow night. Not a planner by nature, this took some time and effort, but I've come up with a dinner I can live with very happily. No rice and beans, and no margarita, but I'll be just fine, I'm sure, and I know that not being weighed down with guilt will be a huge plus.

The weather here is warming a bit now, so that outdoor walking is looking very doable. To have a wonderful walking path right outside your back door and not be able to use it regularly, is kinda depressing. Why is it that walking out of doors always makes me feel like I've actually accomplished something? The treadmill, or "hamster wheel of death" as the Primary Child refers to it, just isn't the same. Of course, he is a runner, marathon man even, I am merely a walker.


  1. I used to NEVER plan out what I was going to prepare for dinner. But I do it all the time's really the only way to go in order to keep within my food 'budget'. I also have found that if I do it ahead of time (I do it now for a whole week...sometimes two at this point) it reduces soo much stress because there is no thinking about it. I look at the menu while I'm preparing dinner and pull out whatever I need from the freezer for the next meal. Stress free.

  2. I'm anxious to hear how your Mexican plan works out? As you know, it's a big weakness of mine so I desperately want to hear that it goes well. Buena suerte!

  3. I have trouble a lot of the times trying to figure out what to blog about too. That's why most of mine are inane. But it's the only link I have to the outside world so I keep typing.

    Planning is the way to go when eating out. Sounds like you will do great. Enjoy yourself along the way, too.

  4. Walking outdoors beats the treadmill any day! It's way more enjoyable. :-)


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