Monday, March 30, 2009

My Own Personal March Madness!!

It's my own fault, too. After behaving (for the most part) and planning Saturday evening carefully, I kinda went "mad" on Sunday. I was not nearly as conscientious as I should have been, and might have cheated more than once. However, the up side to this weekend of throwing caution to the wind is that I'm not going to let the "slip" ruin what I've started. In the past, I'd have just said "To Hell With It." and give in to all the temptations I thought I'd deprived myself of....not this time. I'm going to be back on the straight and narrow right now. So much for March Madness....mine is over.

Today is mall walking day. Not that I'm a mall walker by any stretch of the imagination, it's just that the closest Radio Shack is at the mall, and we need telephone batteries. I have no idea where in the mall this store is located, so I am anticipating that I will park at the opposite end of where it might be and walk the length of the mall to get to it. That's usually what happens to me when I'm unfamiliar with places. We've only lived here 2 yrs., and I'm not a mall person, so I don't frequent this mall. I go to Barnes & Noble there, but they have their own entrance, so that's my only point of reference. The walk will be good for me.

I heard an interesting factoid on the Food Network yesterday. On "Food Detectives" they said that if you were to drink your 64 oz. of water a day ICED you would burn 70 calories in the effort to reheat your body to normal temps. That made me wonder if my drinking an ICED adult beverage would have the same effect??? Probably not, but I did find that information interesting. Apparently we expend energy keeping our body at its constant temperature, and any lowering of that temp causes us to use extra energy to maintain it. Hmmmmm.

I'm off to ice down some water, and jet off to the mall. Imagine my delight!!


  1. Well i'm too English to be able to drink ice cold drinks :) I drink my water at room temperature!! Hey have fun walking the mall. At least your inside in case it raining/snowing :)

  2. And i meant to say, never give up!!

  3. Your blog title says it all! Fantastic! :)

  4. Wooo Hooo for recognizing your March madness and putting it behind you and moving back into a healthier pattern. :-)

    Just think of all the extra walking due to that murphy's law thing (that the store you want to go to will be on the opposite side of the mall from where you park)!!!

  5. March madness ;) looks like it had no chance to continue on with you at the wheel! WAY TO GO!


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