Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ok, I admit it, I've been lurking around other health and fitness blogs searching for information, inspiration and yes, perhaps a new reader or two. Does this make me needy? I hope not. I do find it interesting that so many people have committed to the same philosophy as the "Perfect Child" and I have. I kinda thought maybe by March, the New Year's "resolvers" would be gone and on to some other thing. It's been nice to find others trying to do what we're doing, and really succeeding. Hence, the aforementioned inspiration.

Yesterday was a pretty darned good day. I had a reason to celebrate with good news relating to Hubby Dearest's job, but I refrained. I stuck to the plan and ate reasonably. However, my new recipe for the evening, met with a resounding "NEVER AGAIN" from Hubby Dearest. Cooked spinach is never to be laid out before him again. That was the only portion of the dinner he didn't like, so I guess I did ok. At least he didn't starve. Dare I mention that tonight's leftover meatloaf has spinach in it? Perhaps I'll keep that to myself.

Finally got in some cardio yesterday. Did the recumbent bike and then a few weights. Can't say that I was enthused, but I did get it done. Need to get back into it so I am ready for the golf season....if and when we get warm weather around here.

I waiver on my use of a food diary. One day I think I can figure the calories and keep them in my head, then the next day, I don't think I can. The past few days I've been diligent about writing things down, and I think perhaps for at least the near term, I need to continue with the food diary. It is just too, too easy to skip an item or two, especially if I think it might not be good for me. I assume (I think) that if I don't write it down, I can forget it, and the calories won't count. Don't see how that will work in the long run.

This weekend will offer me another challenge. We'll be eating out again. This time at a Mexican restaurant. I must plan carefully. I want to enjoy, but don't want to break the caloric bank, so to speak. I'll begin planning now, that should give me sufficient time. I love Mexican food, so I'm not willing to give it up, thus a plan must be formulated.


  1. Thanks for visiting me! It's always great to meet new people!

    Added you to my blog list. Am looking forward to getting to know you.

    As you can tell my blog has turned into a bunch of ramblings about my days and not so much about my weight loss. I'm in maintainance right now and have gotten away from blogging about all my food intake and exercise (which is non-existant right now).

    I found it to be VERY important to use a food journal. I couldn't have lost 70 pounds without logging every morcel I put in my mouth down.

  2. Well welcome to Bloggeritaville. I came over from Deborah's site just to say hello and welcome you over for a visit anytime. My blog has evolved over the months I've been posting. It isn't my intent to be a weight loss blog but that is where I've been for over two years now. I'm down 86 lbs with still a lot to go. Blogging has help me in so many ways. Hope it is a wonderful experience for you. Oh, yes, I so relate to sometime using a food journal and sometimes not. I do better when I do.

  3. Thanks for dropping by and posting on my blog. It's always nice to meet others in this weight loss struggle. I guess it's true that misery really does like company. lol!

    Love your blog & adding it to my "Sites We Like" list. Good luck on your weight loss, you can do!! :)



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