Monday, March 9, 2009

Still workin' on it

I made another trip to the grocery store today, but was less successful at staying on the perimeter. Drats!! I did try tho'. Nothing really bad called to me from the inside aisles, I just missed seeing all my old friends. It was kinda like when I quit smoking a few years ago, I'd cruise by the cigarette aisles just to wink and say "howdy". And yes, as you might suspect ,some of the weight I'm trying to lose is the weight I put on after quitting the 'rettes.

It's been almost an entire week that we've been on this program. I wonder if I really do feel a bit better, or I'm just willing myself to feel better so I'll stick with it. Hmmmmm. I have lost some weight, so I guess that is a plus (or minus, depending on your point of view).

Both Hubby Dearest and I have really tried to maintain our focus this past week. Usually, I give up trying to figure out meals, and we get some sort of take out. Not this past week. I came up with meals every night, even after my "almost" Lenten faux paux. I've taken cookbooks out of mothballs and am actually enjoying the new stuff I'm finding. I had forgotten that I bought "The Biggest Loser" cookbook a year or two ago, and was delighted to find a few recipes in there that I'm going to try this week. I do love to cook, so perhaps with some new recipes in hand, and my new found commitment, we'll do even better as time rolls on.

I am also returning to my Mon., Wed., Fri., grocery store runs for fresh produce. I find that if I have new stuff to look forward to, I tend to be a bit more interested. I tried this in the past, and it worked well, especially until my CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share deliveries begin in May.

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